The Work


DC at Night

DC at Night
Habana Vieja.jpg

Cuba, 2015

Daily Life In Cuba, 2015
Irrational World.jpg

Metro Series

Metro Series
Slot Canyon Still Life.jpg

Deserts and Canyons

Deserts and Canyons
Canyon IX.jpg

Deserts and Canyons II

Deserts and Canyons II
Glass City Mural I.jpg


Many of these images are based on extremely large files and can be enlarged to the size of a mural

Surreal Images

Surreal Images from life and art
19th and M Winter Afternoon.jpg

Urban Landscapes

Capturing the vibrancy of the urban landscape
Brooklyn Heights View.jpg

Phased Time Photos

Photographs that show the passage of time
Tulip Magnolia Study.jpg

Vertical Collages

Vertical Collages combine slices of photos
Yankee Cavalry and Rebel Children, Sudley Springs Ford Black and White.jpg

Historic Blend Photos

Historic blend photos use old photos coupled with new shots at the same location.
Lost and Alone I.jpg

The White Sands Desert

Photography from the unique White Sands desert in New Mexico
The High Lonesome II.jpg

The Texas Panhandle

Capturing the beauty of the high plains and canyons on the Texas Panhandle
Northern Exposure.jpg

Pacific Northwest

Photos from the Pacific Northwest
Brooklyn Time Shift.jpg

New York City Interpretations

Different takes on New York City
Reaching for the Air Lock.jpg

Bonsai Series

Working with Bonsai
Spirit Wood 1.jpg

Aspens in Autumn

Colorado Aspens in autumn

Balloons and County Fairs

Everyone loves balloons and county fairs
Dreamsacpe - Lost.jpg


The Dreamscape Series is based on images from Bonsai trees and explore the boundary between photography and digital art.
Blue Ridge Sunset I.jpg


Lewis Orchard.jpg

Orchards and Barns

Orchards and Barns
Union Station Entrance.jpg

DC Locales

DC Locales